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Hue Bulb Checker

Automatically check-up on bulb status at night and alert if unusual behaviour.

Potentially useful for knowing when lights were turned on when they're not supposed to be.

The program uses Mailgun to send email notifications. GoCron is used as an internal scheduler.


  • Checks status of all bulbs connected to the specified Hue bridge every minute between specified hours.
  • If there is are bulbs turned on, then send an email notification to the specified address.
  • If bulbs are turned on for consecutive minutes, multiple emails will not be sent.


  • Obtain a Hue bridge username for your bridge
  • Setup a Mailgun account, configure your domain for sending through Mailgun, and obtain your private and public key.
  • Create a config.json with the required information using the skeleton file supplied.

Using the program

Run go get to download the Mailgun and GoCron dependencies, and then go run light_checker.