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from flask import Flask, render_template, request, redirect, Response, url_for, session
import time, os, uuid, json, base64, hmac, urllib, random
app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = os.environ.get('ROBOT_SALT')
app.secret_key = 'adfad'
app.maps = None
def generate_session():
return uuid.uuid4()
def validate_session():
if session == None:
session['user'] = generate_session()
session['levels_complete'] = []
if 'user' not in session:
session['user'] = generate_session()
session['levels_complete'] = []
if session['user'] == None:
session['user'] = generate_session()
session['levels_complete'] = []
global user
global complete_levels
user = str(session['user'])
complete_levels = session['levels_complete']
def load_maps():
f = open("maps.json", "r")
text =
maps = json.loads(text)
for i,m in enumerate(maps):
m['id'] = i+1
return maps
def get_map(map_number):
return app.maps[int(map_number)-1]
def complete_level(map_number, map_name, code_lines):
for c in session['levels_complete']:
if c['map_id'] == map_number:
def home():
levels = app.maps
print session['levels_complete']
return render_template('dashboard.html', levels=levels, complete_levels=complete_levels, num_levels=len(levels), num_completed_levels=len(complete_levels))
def level(map_number):
m = get_map(map_number)
m['id'] = int(m['id'])
return render_template('level.html', level=m, complete_levels=complete_levels)
def level_json(map_number):
m = get_map(map_number)
return json.dumps(m)
@app.route('/run_drone/<map_number>', methods=['POST'])
def run_drone(map_number):
code = request.form['code']
# count code lines:
line_count = 0
lines = code.split("\n")
for line in lines:
if line.strip() != "":
line_count += 1
return_obj = {}
# create and run drone code:
drone = None
maps = app.maps
exec code
moves = drone.get_stats()
# if the drone finished the course, add this map to the session as a complete level:
if moves[-1][4] == "Finished":
complete_level(['id'],['name'], line_count)
# Populate and return the move list:
return_obj['result'] = moves
return_obj['error'] = False
return json.dumps(return_obj)
except Exception as e:
print e
return_obj['error'] = True
return json.dumps(return_obj)
# Main code
if __name__ == '__main__':
#app.debug = True
app.maps = load_maps()
port = int(os.environ.get('PORT', 8080))'', port=port)